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Sapphic Soul Academy ✨

Welcome to our Fall 2023 Catalog, where you'll embark on a journey of personal growth, connection, and empowerment. At Pleasure to People, we're dedicated to providing you with engaging and transformative learning experiences.



Sexual Wellness

Dive into the art of intimacy. Our Sexual Wellness workshops offer a safe and inclusive space for individuals of all orientations. Join us in celebrating and empowering diverse expressions of love and desire.


Mindfulness & Meditation

Cultivate mindfulness and inner peace. Learn how to reduce stress and enhance your well-being through meditation and mindfulness practices. Connect more deeply with yourself and others.



Relationships & Communication

Build stronger connections. Elevate your relationships and communication skills. Foster empathy and understanding in your interactions, both personally and professionally.


🏳️‍🌈  Empowerment 💖

Empowerment through queer sexual wellness. Explore your identity, relationships, and desires in a supportive LGBTQ+ community. Advocate for inclusivity and well-being.

No upcoming events at the moment
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