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Hi! I'm Cindy (she/they)

As a queer positive educator, they have spent the last 10 years empowering LGBTQ+ survivors through sexual wellness education. They are committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces where everyone can learn and grow, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Cindy has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ survivors and is dedicated to providing the tools and resources necessary to help them heal and thrive. They believe that comprehensive sex education is a powerful tool for empowerment, and they work tirelessly to create programming that is accessible, informative, and engaging.

With a background in public education and healthcare interpretation & translation, Cindy is a sought-after speaker and educator, known for their engaging and dynamic approach to sex education and reproductive justice. They have worked with a wide range of organizations, including the National Organization for Women, California Latinas 4 Reproductive Justice, and LATV Queer and have been recognized for their contributions to the field by receiving numerous community referrals, ASSECT award nomination and teaching thousands of students.

As a queer positive educator, Cindy is deeply committed to creating a world where everyone can live their lives with dignity, respect, and love. They are passionate about their work, and their dedication and expertise have helped countless LGBTQ+ survivors on their journey to healing and self-discovery.

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My Story

My story is one of overcoming a childhood of domestic violence, religious trauma and toxic relationships while navigating the intersections of being first generation U.S. born queer Salvadorian-Guatemalan in a conservative Central American family. Growing up in Los Angeles, I witnessed how misinformation plagued my community, family and loved ones and reinforced harmful narratives around gender, sex and sexuality. All leading me to the road of self acceptance, love and a fulfilling career as a sex educator and speaker. For the past decade, I have spread the word of comprehensive sex education by empowering thousands in making informed sexual health decisions that align with their values.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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