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Hi! I'm Cindy (she/they)

As a queer Central American sex expert, I have dedicated my career to helping individuals and couples improve their sexual satisfaction and relationships. With a strong background in public education and human sexuality, I bring a unique perspective to the topic of gender, sex and sexuality.

In my work as a sex educator, I have helped people of all ages and backgrounds navigate a wide range of sexual health and wellness concerns, including gender & sexuality, spiritual healing and advocacy. I have also worked with youth and parents who are looking to break generational trauma around LGBTQ+ identity by providing developmentally appropriate education.

In my writing, I strive to provide accurate, evidence-based information that is both informative and enjoyable to read. I believe that everyone has the right to a fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship, and it is my goal to help people achieve that through my writing and counseling. Whether you are looking to improve your own sexual satisfaction or strengthen your relationship, I hope to be a valuable resource for you.

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My Story

My story is one of overcoming a childhood of domestic violence, religious trauma and toxic relationships while navigating the intersections of being first generation U.S. born queer Salvadorian-Guatemalan in a conservative Central American family. Growing up in Los Angeles, I witnessed how misinformation plagued my community, family and loved ones and unfortunately reinforced harmful narratives around gender, sex and sexuality. All leading me to the road of self acceptance, love and a fulfilling career as a certified sex educator and reiki practitioner. For the past decade, I have spread the gospel of comprehensive sex education by empowering thousands to live a life of pleasure and wholeness unapologetically. I support people in making informed sexual health decisions that align with their values.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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