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About Cindy Luquin (she/they)

Cindy Luquin stands proudly at the forefront of the sexual wellness movement, and she/they are on a mission to transform lives through empowerment and education.

As an acclaimed sex educator, meditation teacher, and prolific writer, Cindy has dedicated their life's work to empowering individuals to become experts in their relationships. With a burning passion for fostering healthy, inclusive, and fulfilling intimate connections, Cindy is the visionary founder of Pleasure 2 People.


Empowering the Queer Community

Pleasure 2 People is where Cindy's vision comes to life. It's a haven for those seeking comprehensive and empowering queer sexual wellness courses and workshops. Through Pleasure 2 People, Cindy and their team provide a safe and welcoming space for everyone, regardless of gender or orientation, to explore and elevate their intimate experiences.


Widely recognized and acknowledged

Cindy's influential work has reverberated throughout the media landscape. Their insights and expertise have graced the pages of renowned publications like Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Well + Good, and Refinery29, among others. Cindy's commitment to inclusive intimacy and sexual wellness has made them a sought-after authority in the field.


West Coast to East Coast

L.A. Latina currently calling Maryland home, Cindy shares her life with her loving husband and cherished dog. Her personal journey, filled with love, learning, and growth, fuels her dedication to helping others navigate the intricate terrain of human connection. 



Join Cindy Luquin on this transformative journey towards empowered relationships and inclusive intimacy. Together, we can redefine what it means to connect deeply and authentically with ourselves and others.

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