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About Me

Hey! What’s good? Let’s get right to it. I love to teach about all things pleasure, justice and wellness, bringing over 10 years of experience to the table. 

Here's where the worlds of pleasure-positive education and LGBTQ+ advocacy unite, defining the essence of my work.


I'm deeply rooted in my queer Latinx identity, drawing strength from my Maya Guatemalan Indigenous and Salvadoran heritage. Growing up in LA taught me the importance of fully embracing who you are. This insight ignited my commitment to forge spaces of acceptance, empowerment, and genuine connection for our community.

My approach? It's all about merging Indigenous wisdom with the healing vibes of practices like Reiki and meditation to create meaningful, transformative experiences. Every workshop, session, and event is designed for social impact—to cultivate a sense of belonging and to uplift. My path has been one of constant growth, fueled by a steadfast dedication to nurturing a world where living your truth is celebrated.

So, here's to moving forward, guided by empowering education, empathy, and bold advocacy are the catalysts for real change. I'm inviting you on this rewarding exploration of self and community empowerment, where we honor the diversity and resilience within each of us.

Education and Certifications

Masters in Latin American Studies, CSULA, 2020

Specialized in reproductive justice, exploring the intersectionality of culture, politics, and gender across Latin America, focusing on the advocacy, policy development, and educational initiatives surrounding reproductive health and rights.

Sexuality Educator Certification, EDSE, 2020

Comprehensive training in sexuality education, covering a broad spectrum from sexual health to gender and racial justice, emphasizing inclusivity and empathy.

Meditation Teacher Certification, Spiritual Essence Yoga, 2023

Certified meditation teacher dedicated to fostering inner peace and mindfulness through personalized practices rooted in compassion and self-awareness.

Image by Gerson Cifuentes

My Philosophy

As a certified sexuality educator, meditation teacher and holder of a Master's in Latin American Studies, my teaching philosophy is a beacon of empowerment. I view education as a comprehensive vehicle for personal growth and societal evolution, guided by mindfulness, inclusivity, and cultural fluency. With my diverse expertise, I cultivate vibrant learning environments where individuals embark on fearless exploration of their identities, cultures, and potentials. Through the fusion of mindfulness practices, comprehensive sexuality education, and deep dives into culture, I plant seeds of personal growth, social awareness, and shared solidarity, honoring the legacy of ancestral wisdom. My philosophy champions diversity, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of a more just and compassionate world.

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