Queer Educator & Healer

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Cindy Luquin CSE, MA is a health and wellness professional who has been teaching sexual education since 2014.


Cindy Luquin’s story is one of overcoming a life of domestic violence, religious trauma and toxic relationships while navigating the intersections of being first generation Salvadorian Guatemalan in a conservative Central American family. As a 90s LA kid, she witnessed how traditional cultural beliefs plagued her community, family and most importantly reinforced shame about her queer identity. All leading her to the road of self acceptance, love and a fulfilling career as a certified sex educator. For the past decade, she has spread the word of comprehensive sex education by empowering thousands to live a life of pleasure and wellness unapologetically. Cindy supports folx to make informed sexual health decisions that align with their values.

Cindy Luquin (she/they) is from Los Angeles, California, where she became a certified sexual health educator (CSE) and earned a Masters in Latin Studies. She expanded her work to the DMV area in 2021, and attained comprehensive intimate partner violence training. She is additionally certified in Reiki level 3, herbalism and peer counseling. Cindy shares her expertise in both Los Angeles and the DMV, and travels between both areas. 
Cindy is passionately committed to working with people to help them heal through mind, body and spirit by utilizing intuition, energy healing, Reiki healing, tarot, writing and teaching. 
They enjoy speaking on topics related to:
  • pleasure & intimacy
  • sexuality & gender
  • relationship dynamics & domestic violence
  • health & wellness
  • spirituality & mental health
  • social & racial justice
Please reach out to schedule a call; request media appearances, interviews, branded content and speaking engagements. 
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