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Pleasure to People
Stigma-free zone for the real talk we all need

Pleasure, Rights, Wellness.


Meet Cindy

I am thrilled to be the driving force behind Pleasure to People, LLC! With my Mayan Indigenous roots and passion for pleasure education, I am committed to empowering and inspiring others. As an educator, I absolutely love fostering connections and sparking meaningful conversations about pleasure, rights, and wellness. Join me on this journey of discovery - together, we can achieve great things!

My Specializations

Our educational events combine MesoAmerican healing modalities to provide LGBTQ+ advocacy in order to destigmatize healing and wellness in community! My rejuvenating healing sessions and transformative workshops are tailored to uplift and empower. Whether it's through guided meditations for balance, sexual health education for empowerment, or creating inclusive spaces for all, my goal is to nourish mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. Let's embark on this journey together, celebrating every step towards wellness and self-love!

Pregnancy Options Counseling

Intimate Partner Violence Advocacy

MesoAmerican Healing Modalities

Voices of Empowerment

Working with Cindy was OUT OF THIS WORLD! I felt empowered during my transition from birth work to the sexual wellness industry after 10 years. 

Dane Real


"Love is an action. Never simply a feeling.”

Bell Hooks

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